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In addition to customized waterjet solutions for any application, IMS WaterJet offers standardized off-the-shelf, price-competitive products for accuracy and reliability where you need it – IN THE CUT. Choose what’s right for you. Whether it’s the PRO Series line of extremely accurate and versatile high-end models, or the value-priced EL Series – all IMS WaterJet systems are made in America, configured for your needs, ruggedly constructed, and designed to last. Investing in an IMS WaterJet solution tailored to your current and future business needs will help unleash cutting opportunities that one can only dream of. With a jet stream of water at high velocity and pressure (Mach 4 speed), you will be able to cut virtually anything – just about any thickness – with no heat affected zone (HAZ) and no second finishing required.

Pro Series WaterJet

Superior precision needed? Select a PRO Series WaterJet Solution. Extremely accurate down to +/- 10 microns and competitively priced, the PRO Series high-end models offer many optional add-ons to meet your requirements and get you up and cutting quickly. No matter what tolerance you need to stay within, or how large a cut area you require, the IMS WaterJet PRO Series is the ideal cutting solution for your business.

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EL Series WaterJet

New to waterjet? Just starting off or cutting materials where extreme precision is not as critical? IMS WaterJet offers an EL Series – a great-value solution without the added cost. Our most affordable WaterJets are available in multiple sizes and configurations to meet your requirements while staying within your budget. Owning a WaterJet machine for your small or large business is now possible.

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